Week commencing 26thMay home learning activities

Hello everyone, hope you had fun looking out for the different vehicles!

This week’s topic is healthy eating and yummy, scrummy food!


Can you bake or make something off the list:

a cake/ cupcakes,

fruity flapjacks

fruit salad

cheese or ham salad


Can you keep a food diary for one meal a day? Did you have a sandwich? An apple? A biscuit? How many fruits and veggies did you have? Make sure your draw pictures and label them!


Can you find the sounds from this week in the healthy eating song?

reception: keep searching for the phase 3 sounds: Set 6: j v w x, Set7: y z,zz qu, Phase 3 two and three letter graphemes: ch, sh th ng ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er

year 1 – alternative pronunciations for: er (farmer, her), a (hat, what),


Use education city and bbc bitesize to help you create a poster all about why it is important to eat fruit and veggies?


Can you learn the healthy eating song?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JldSBUQB34

Can you design your own fruit or vegetable superhero?

The Healthy Eating Song - M&F Health