Weekly news

I am super proud of all the Year 2 this week completing their SATS. The children completed them in a super manner and tried their very best! Well done everyone!

In PSHE we looked at the Green Cross Code and what it is and why it is in place. The children were excellent at this and showed great understanding and awareness. They created some great posters which I have attached below for you to see!

In Geography we looked at two different places in Brazil; Barra Di Tijuca and Rochinha. We looked at the differences between these two places. The children then wrote diary entries based on living in Barra Di Tijuca.

In D&T we have designed our fruit salads in preparation for making them next week. The children enjoyed this and created their fruit salads based on their preferences from the fruit tasting. We made sure our fruit salad had a purpose and who we are going to be making it for.

Homework: This week as homework I have asked the children to see if they can find out any facts about orang-utans for our Literacy lessons next week. If children could record the facts on a piece of paper and bring them in at the start of the week that would be great! As children have worked solidly on their quizzes this week I have not set any maths or writing homework. If children can go on timetable rock stars to practice their times tables that would be great. We are recapping our 2, 5 and 10 and starting to learn our 3. If children can read a story/book with an adult this weekend to keep up their love of reading that would be great too!

I hope you all have a great weekend 🙂

See you Monday.
Miss Longland