Weekly update

Hello Nursery,

This week the children have all enjoyed our muddy puddle morning out in the garden, playing in the mud kitchen and mini beast hunting. They learnt all about the life cycle of tadpoles and created a frog pond in the water tray.

In science this week our investigation was Ice! the children had to work out different methods of releasing the bugs that were trapped in the ice blocks, we focused on words like solid/liquid, cold/slippery, melting/wet, crystals/water, We looked at ways to melt the ice using different methods, the children each suggested an idea these were: different tools, heat from our hands, warm water and salt. In turn the children tried each method and they all came to the same conclusion at the end that warm water worked the best closely followed by the tools, salt was the slowest to work.

In literacy our story of the week was ‘Spinderella’ and in art we looked at the artist ‘Matisse’ and his early work ‘snail art’ they all then had a go at recreating the picture for our class display.

Please also enjoy some pictures of our nursery caterpillars, the children have been observing them over the last two weeks and they have grown considerably, we will keep you updated on their progress, very exciting!

Please enjoy some pictures from the week,

Many thanks,

Your Nursery team x