Weekly update

Hello Nursery

Well what a lovely last week before we have our half term break.

This week we have been looking at our focus story of the week ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and comparing the story to our class room caterpillars which have now attached to the lid of the cup and become chrysalides.

The children have loved listening to and acting out the story, they have made a Hungry Caterpillar of their own using their handprints, they really enjoyed feeding the hungry caterpillar using their gross motor skills trying to get the food into the caterpillars mouth, they have also trusted their senses in a game of GUESS WHATS IN THE BOX? where the children had to focus on their sense of touch to work out what food from the story was in the box. Finally they all had a super last day with the jubilee celebrations organised by the parent fundraising group.

In PE this week the children listened really well to Harry and his team and they also enjoyed their last country dancing session in Diddi-dance as next term they will be learning salsa!

In Maths this week the children have been fingerprint caterpillar counting, sorting objects and creating symmetrical butterflies.

In phonics this week we have been looking at the sound ‘x’ and introducing some special friend sounds ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ while also having ago at blending some simple words in Fred talk like, m-a-d, s-i-t, c-a-t and s-a-d. Amazing work everyone!

Please enjoy some pictures from this week and enjoy your half term break!

Many Thanks,

Your Nursery team x