Weekly Update

Hello Nursery,

This week the children have been enjoying our new topic of the term, ‘Wild Things (Jungle) and Rainforests’

We have centred this weeks planning around our story of the week ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, the children have been busy talking all about their feelings.

In literacy they have drawn their own feely monster and wrote key words about them. They have recreated the story in the water tray using props from around the nursery, they have made their own wild thing paper plate mask using materials of their choice and in science they have had to learn and remember simple coding to direct our class robot around the floor to different wild things masks.

In wild thing themed Maths the children have enjoyed a magical memory game using key objects out of the story, they had to remember the covered objects on the tray and shout out which ones the magical wand had made disappear. they have also been size ordering the monsters, looking at monster capacity and repeated patterns using the coloured bears.

In PE this week the children have be busy practising their races ready for sports day and they also enjoyed Diddi-Dance with Svenja continuing to learn more salsa moves.

Please enjoy some pictures from this week.

Many Thanks,

Your Nursery team x