Weekly update

Hello Nursery,

This week in nursery the children have become RAINFOREST EXPLORERS! They have been looking at where the Amazon rainforest is on the world map, what different animals and tribes live there, and also how important the rainforest is to our environment.

They have created a rainforest inspired tuff tray hiding animals under shredded green  paper and sand, then they have been noting what they have found by writing the initial sound of the animal and drawing a picture of it. They have made their own binoculars ready to go on a animal spotting rainforest hunt and they have made lion pictures using cupcake cases.

In PE this week the children did jungle yoga and we played parachute games in the hall trying to free the jungle lion and monkey.

In maths the children have been looking at size and weight of jungle themed objects. In science the children have had a go at coding and in literacy the children have been looking at rhyming words and the different purposes print can have.

Please enjoy some photos from this week.

Many Thanks

Your Nursery team x