Weekly Update

We have been learning lots this week in Class 5.

In Literacy we have been planning and writing a short narrative based on ‘Emma Jane’s aeroplane’. The children have great imaginations and ideas! I have attached photos to show you some of their writing from today.

In Maths we have started our new unit on time. The children have made a great start with telling the time. We have focused on o’clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past and telling the time to 5 minutes. We have been using practical clocks to help us and have played a telling the time bingo to have some fun! Homework this week will help to consolidate this learning. It would be great if you could ask children what the time was at points of the day to help children get used to telling the time and using the correct vocabulary (past or to).

In Science we have been learning about the eat well plate and how we need a range of food from the different categories. Their plates were super and had a variety of different foods on them! They are all aware of how to eat healthy.

Year 2 were lucky enough for Reverend Rich to come in this week. As a cohort they created a school prayer. They used a range of ideas and thoughts and create a St Mary’s School prayer. I was very proud of this and how they all worked together.

I want to say a big well done to all the children for their class assembly yesterday. It was amazing to see their confidence in sharing their learning with you, their singing and their talents. It is great to have such a range of talents in the class.


Literacy: To write a short paragraph on where children would like to travel making sure they are using correct punctuation and capital letters for proper nouns.

Maths: Telling the time.

PE next week

Thursday – Project Touchline

Friday – Jujitsu

Please can I ask on PE days girls tie their hair up, thank you.

Have a great weekend 🙂

Miss Longland