Year 6 Home Learning Friday 5th March

Good morning Class 6,

Another FRIDAY! And the last one before we return to school.

I would like to say a huge well done and thank you to all the home learners and their parents/carers who are doing the most amazing job. Thank you for sending through examples of the wonderful work you have been completing at home – I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you have been getting up to.

PE with Joe Wicks

Joe has announced that this will be his last workout session. It would be great if you could join in for this workout.

Arithmetic Test

Please complete the attached arithmetic test. When you have finished, ask an adult to help you mark your completed test. Make sure you select the test appropriate for your maths group.



mental-maths-year-Greater Depth


I know how hard it is to keep on top of your handwriting whilst working from home. If you can, try working on the Speed and Fluency sheet. If you aren’t happy with your first attempt, feel free to try again.


After our work on semi colons earlier in the week, I thought it would be good to try this. Remember, when we use a semi colon we take away the conjunction. Use the sheet appropriate for your group.



Focused reading

To access the eBook Library you will need to follow these instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the ‘Log in’ link (top right) to open the login form.
  3. Make sure the ‘Students’ tab is highlighted. Type in the class name shawburyy6 and password  Shawbury2021Y6 and click ‘Log in’ (Be careful with upper and lower case. There are no spaces)
  4. Once logged in, click on Oxford Owl eBook Library.
  5. In the search box type in Selkie Summer. Be careful, as spell checker will try and autocorrect.

Read chapter 7 before answering these questions.

  1. Why didn’t Lily like her mum and dad’s idea?
  2. On page 75 how does the author indicate how bad the weather is?
  3. Why do you think Jess felt there was no need for anything else to be said?
  4. Ext: What is a houseparent?


After last week’s lesson, I thought we could follow it up with a second lesson on Pulse and Metre.

You are amazing!

Have a good weekend.

Mr Chiverton