Year 6 homework

The children have all settled back into the flow of things after the Christmas break.

As we lead into the Key Stage 2 Sats you will have noticed that the children are having segments of past papers for homework practise. If your child is unsure of any of the terminology used in a question, please let them look that up on the internet rather than avoiding the question altogether. If they are still finding if tricky, I am running a homework club at 12:30 on a Wednesday lunchtime.

A number of children are diving into problems and solving part of it without actually reading the full question. If you could encourage your child to read the whole question and then check to see if they have actually answered it, this will be hugely beneficial.

With reading papers, a number of the children are finding it difficult to read the text and answer the questions in the allotted time. Each short paper has a maximum of 20 minutes allocated for reading it and answering the questions.Please encourage your child to work at pace and complete the reading task in 20 minutes.

Last week’s spellings will be continues into this week.

Bonuses, addresses, boxes, matches, peaches, parties, trousers, opportunities, dictionaries, sketches, salmon, suffixes, compasses, spies, glasses, deer, crutches

I will be holding a parents’ evening before half term on Wednesday 12th February at 14:30 to explain about the Sats. I hope to see you there.


Mr Chiverton