Year 6 Homework and Spellings

The children in Year 6 continue to have homework that represents aspects of the SATs.

A number of children are either not completing their homework or are leaving a large number of questions unanswered. We are working with the children to develop their resilience. This involves encouraging them to read the question again, decide on what it’s asking and finding the answer from provided material (in the case of reading comprehension) or known methods. If your child is leaving questions unanswered or is making significant errors, please take the time to look over what they have completed and discuss any errors with them.

A few pieces of homework are illegible. Please support your child in providing a suitable environment for them to complete their work. If this proves too difficult, the children have the opportunity to have a look at their homework on a Wednesday lunchtime.

This week’s spellings are from the Year 3/4 curriculum list.

Actual, answer, believe, calendar, caught, circle, different, eighth, February, heard, increase, knowledge, library, occasion, particular, probably, purpose, quarter, separate, weight

Thanks again for your continued support.

Mr. Chiverton