Year 6 Homework and spellings

This week the children will be looking at double negatives. If they aren’t sure what this means there is a detailed explanation at the top of their sheets.

We have recently been working on negative numbers. Too help the children with this, I would like them attempt the temperature change chart, plot the information on the graph and complete the associated questions.

The spelling focus this week continues to look at suffixes and, in particular, -less, -ful, –ness, -ment and -ly

We will be looking at a number of spellings including the words:

beautiful, deceitful, meanness, achievement, definitely, thoroughly, merriment, hopeful, flavourless, thoroughness, immediately and other words that follow thew same pattern.

Children will need to learn the process for adding the suffix and how to apply it correctly as they will be given 10 spellings out of a much larger list.

Please remember that on Tuesday the children are going to Pizza Express in Shrewsbury and will not need a dinner on that day.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the children will be working on their cycling skills. Whilst the people running it may have some spare bikes and helmets they can lend to children, it would be good if they could bring their own.


Thank you


Mr Chiverton